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PE Quarterly – Refreshed high tech appetite

Refreshed high tech appetite

In the wake of Brexit, Europe’s private equity scene has gained complexity as investment firms have to expect effects on investing periods by the process of the UK exiting the EU. At the same time, economic growth remains hesitant and banking systems troubled.

In Germany, the deal landscape was dominated by high tech in 2015. The majority of deals took place in the field of IT and the sector attracted fresh capital of $1,156 billion from private equity investors in 251 buyouts. Quite a few large buy out companies invested in fast growing tech companies recently: KKR invested in Arago, a start-up working on artificial intelligence. PE giants react on the fact that there are far more competitors inclined to buy than ready to open family businesses.
In terms of size, PE companies need to scale down from what they are used to in the IT sector: No single deal could surpass the billion barrier in 2015; for the ongoing year several deals with an above billion value can be listed though.

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